Frage: Inconsistent iCloud behavior across all devices (Keychain, Hand-Off, Drive, Hotspot, etc)

I am clueless at this point. This issue has been plaguing my iOS and macOS experience since at least two years now and Apple Support has been everything but helpful for over half a year in that regard. Maybe posting here can help me with finding a fix for this incredibly annoying and confusing issue.


  • MacBook Pro Retina 13'' Late 2013, macOS 10.13.4
  • iPad Pro 9,7'' 2016, iOS 11.3
  • iPhone X, iOS 11.3

Applications/Services affected:

  • iCloud Keychain
  • Hand-Off
  • Mobile Hotspot
  • pretty much everything iCloud Drive / iCloud Sync related


  • Saving a new password while browsing a website on my Mac

    Issue: iPhone X does not show the new password in Accounts & Passwords, iPad Pro does however

  • Manually editing contents in iCloud Keychain on my Mac

    Issue: iPhone X does show the new content, iPad Pro does not

  • Manually editing contents in iCloud Keychain on my iPhone X

    Issue: Neither Mac or iPad Pro show the newly updated item


  • Copying text on my Mac

    Issue: No paste function on iPad Pro and iPhone X

  • Copying text on my iPhone X

    Issue: able to paste on iPad, not on Mac

  • Browsing a website on Mac and switching to iPhone X

    Issue: opens empty website

Mobile Hotspot

Joining Mobile Hotspot from iPhone X on Mac or iPad

  • Issue: process fails multiple times, manually activating the hotspot on iPhone X gets it done

iCloud Drive

  • syncing files between iCloud devices via iCloud Drive

    Issue: files often are not in sync, iOS devices show different files than macOS' iCloud Drive

  • using iCloud on Mac

    Issue: I often get prompted with the message "Unknown error" when logging in to the native iCloud application, disabling all iCloud services on my Mac

Attempted fixes:

  • log in and out of all devices using iCloud
  • "play around" with iCloud settings
  • factory reset on Mac
  • update all devices to most recent OS

As you might see, I have tried basically everything and none of it worked. After multiple!! factory resets, my Mac still displays the same issues. I told the support multiple times that there has to be something wrong with my Apple ID because these errors occured almost simultaneously with the "Unknown error" message in the log-in window. Trying to reach more competent support personnel hasn't been successful either, maybe this post helps.

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Hello and welcome to the German community,

I have seen such behaviour on other users devices here in the board. If logging in and out on all devices won't do the trick it is kind of complicated.

First: check your settings on Are all your devices associated with the AppleID you want to use with the devices? If not, add them. Also check your security settings as you are logged in to the AppleID page. 🙂

I heard that the keychain issue might be a bug. But as it lasts for so long it might not. The Problem can be, that you have different keychains on all devices.

  1. Stop the keychain syncing on your iPhone and iPad before deleting
  2. Delete all items on your iPhone and iPad and only keep the keychain on your Mac.
  3. Reactivate the syncing.

16. Apr. 2018, 21:37

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Frage: Inconsistent iCloud behavior across all devices (Keychain, Hand-Off, Drive, Hotspot, etc)