Frage: Sync issue between Photos and iCloud Library

Hello all,

I was using Photos and iCloud Library since day one on iPhone(s) and my Macs.

However one day the iCloud sync showed more and more issues around the same time high Sierra was released.

Pictures were uploaded over and over again...

Somehow that was the time when everything started to fall apart. I always had all my originals pictures / videos stored as photo library on my Macs. Size of the overall library was around 120 GByte.

Time Machine Backup was/ is in use as well.

Since iCloud Library had issues syncing, I decided to disable the library and wait till everything was completely wiped on iCloud (should be around 30 days). After that I wanted to reenable the iCloud Photo library and everything should be back to normal.

Boy was I wrong.

A lot of things happened for many months, like kids, work and a new iPhone and when I wanted to turn on the iCloud library again, I reopened Photos and let it sync. To my surprise the size of the Photo library on my Mac decreased in size to about 57 GByte and in Photos I got the info that from several originals a full download was not done. So clearly something went wrong.

a.) I messed it up (which is possible but hey I always stored my photo library on my Mac OS... at least I was and am very convinced)

b.) There is clearly an issue in the whole syncing... could be but that won't bring back my pictures.

Since many months passed also all my time machine backups (latest is from December 2017) show only the down sized photo lib of 57 instead of 120 Gb.

Before I give up all the hope, I wanted to check if anyone knows anything that could be done.

I assume the pictures are gone and a part of my 27000 photos items will be pixelated.

However, is there a photo filter which can display me all the pictures that are not in full quality hence not downloaded from iCloud ?

Thanks for any help and sorry for the long post, but typing with kids around isn"t always so easy.


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Hello, jochenva!
Thanks for posting your question in the Apple Support Communities. We have a Community for English speakers here. Please feel free to join and post your question there, or repost your question in German here.
Have a nice day!

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Frage: Sync issue between Photos and iCloud Library