Frage: Odd Midi Connection Behaviour

I am at wit's end and really need your help!

I am using Logic Pro X 10.4.1, a Moog Sub 37 and a Traktor Audio 10 as the interface. I am using the Moog by the External Instrument Plugin of Logic, using a usb cable for the midi data an audio out an inputs of the instrument as well as the soundcard. Everything worked perfectly fine just two days ago. But now, everything is becoming a mess, without me changing any setting whatsoever.

Even though the moog plays the midi-recorded melody, every 2 bars the settings of Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release reset to a fixed amount, completely destroying the sound. No other parameter change (and they are completely adjustable). Changing any of the mentioned ADSR parameters changes the sound normally until the next uneven bar is reached.
When playing the synthesizer manually without midi (and logic playing), the ADSR parameters reset likewise after a second.
Things become even weirder: Selecting any other audio track results in a change of the fixed ADSR parameters that is reached after the second, even though these audio tracks are in no way linked to the synthesizer. For example, just selecting an audio track with a hi hat sample results in a change of the parameters of the Moog. There shouldn't be any change whatsoever.
When i use the Synth as a midi controller for a plugin, all assigned knobs work perfectly fine apart from the ADSR parameters, even though they were mapped correctly. When using the plugin without Logic, these problems do NOT appear, the ADSR knobs regulate the assigned paramteres in the plugin like they used to.

I have tried different USB-Cables, deleted and recreated the audio track with the external midi, tried a different audiointerface, opened a completely new Logic File and even rest Midi Controllers within the Midi Preferences of Logic, all without success. The problem obviously lies within Logic, but i am unable to find the solution myself


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Frage: Odd Midi Connection Behaviour