Frage: deleted all numbers files by accident

on icloud the files are not shown under settings for recovery. Still have them on one iOS device unsynched, but am afraid that they are all gone when I connect to iCloud. Any idea how to recover them?

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Have you checked here:


If your files are available on your iCloud Drive app/icon on

If not there, click at top right corner on your name > iCloud Settings > scroll down to the bottom of the page > look for Advanced and restore files / Dateien wiederherstellen / recover files > click on it and pick the files to recover.

If your files are not available there, than I suggest, even it might be a pain if you have multiple files, you move/copy them to your iCloud Drive. So you save them from being synched and deleted. I would be afraid of that too. This can be done in offline mode. (just tested it)

Here is how you can move them:

  1. Open Numbers on your iPhone (I believe the files are there, correct?)
  2. Tap Vom Benutzer hochgeladene Datei in the lower left corner.
  3. Tap on 'Bewegen' / 'Move'
  4. Tap on the file to move
  5. Scroll down and tap on iCloud Drive (this will move the file to iCloud Drive) even if its shown within the App without the cloud icon! (because you have a local copy)


instead of activity 3 move you can also copy to iCloud Drive, Dropbox, your Mac (if you have one), etc.

before you copy/move in activity 5 you may want to create a new folder in your iCloud Drive like 'Numbers Backup' so its not stored on the highes hirachy on your iCloud Drive.

21. Mär. 2017, 12:35

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Frage: deleted all numbers files by accident