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Question :

Question : Cannot close Apple programs normally with macOS 10.12.4


My wife was recently forced the 10.12.4 upgrade on his MacBook (the version of early 2015). She cannot roll back because she cannot afford to reinstall everything as it would force his business to stop a few days (she's self-employed). Every Apple program she opens cannot be closed normally with the red x button at the top of a window bar. There are tons of GUI bugs in all Apple programs. For example, once she is in the App Store program, she cannot change tabs and cannot install new updates (for Pages, Numbers, etc. as these are the ones available to her right now). The GUI shows the mouse cursor is recognized because the button for updating the program provides visual feedback by changing color (from light to dark grey or the other way around, cannot remember but there is feedback). I don't know if this is an issue many other users have because I couldn't find much information so far on various forums and Apple Discussions.

Does anyone else have the issue and found how to fix it? She rebooted several times, closed all apps several times by force closing them, etc. As I mentioned above, she cannot erase everything and start over. All third party programs do not suffer from this, only Apple programs.

Will she have to endure this until the next Apple update or has anyone found a workaround yet? Should we reach out to Apple directly to let them know about the bug? I'm unsure about the process. I have read several articles about security bugs and they do not seem to answer security researchers so I would suspect they would do the same with their "normal" customers.

I have yet to do the update on my MacBook Air 2012 seeing the issues she has even though I do not use it for business purposes myself.

Thanks everyone!


MacBook, macOS Sierra (10.12.4), MacBook (Early 2015)

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Question : Cannot close Apple programs normally with macOS 10.12.4