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Pregunta: Apple Music Library dissapearing

Hello everyone,

I am having issues with Apple Music and iCloud Library on an iPhone 6s Plus 128Gb.

I cannot download any song on the iPhone... but I can with no issues on the rest of devices (with the same account, of course).

Actually, the red circle starts and when finishes... the song is not there. Or it just simply never starts to download...

I can only stream music (which is something that I not always want for obvious reasons). It looks like I have no songs downloaded... but the phone says it has 3Gb of music!

I tried to reset the iPhone from an iCloud backup (just in case there was some data corrupted)... and also started as a FRESH one! It looked it worked... but it did not and it is now a mess since I cannot enjoy the music I am paying for.

The rest of the family (I'm on family plan) works OK... and, again, it works perfectly well on my other devices (iMac, iPad and MacBook Retina).

Has anyone a clue about what might be happening? I am assuming it has nothing to do with hardware but... given the results, I am open to any possibility.

I would truly appreciate your help since I guess I have tried everything (resetting only network settings just in case it had to do with DNS)... but nothing.

Thanks in advance for your help, Apple community. Appreciate your help.



iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 10.3.2

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24/05/2017 03:51 PM en respuesta a Ramsés En respuesta a Ramsés

Hey Ramsés,

It looks as if your issue is a tricky one. I can only think of signing out of iTunes Store first, then going into settings - Music and turn off iCloud music library. Restart your iPhone and switch on everything back again.

If that does not work, you will need to reach Tech support for further asistance. Contact Apple for support and service - Apple Support

Good luck!

24/05/2017 03:51 PM

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Pregunta: Apple Music Library dissapearing