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Pregunta: Mac won't startup even after complete restore

Well, 4 days ago I force shutdown my mac because it was really slow and I wasn't able to turn it off as always. One day after I turned it on but the mac never finished starting up. So I ran first aid but it said that there wasn't nothing wrong with it. I decided to fully restore the mac so I formatted the HDD in recovery mode and also reinstalled the OS (Sierra). The OS was installed but never started up (2 days waiting) so I force shutdown again and then I turned on the mac again in verbose mode. It gets stuck at pci pause: sdxc. I already ran first aid, scm, restarted PRAM, even reinstalled again after formatting again and nothing works (I can't boot SAFE MODE because it gets stucked) already ran CMD+D and it says that nothing is wrong, also SMART status verified. If someone could help me I would really aprecciate because I have done hours of research and nothing works.

Specs: iMac 27inch late 2012

1tb hdd

Intel i5

8gb ram

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28/05/2017 10:26 AM en respuesta a antonyjfb En respuesta a antonyjfb

Hello antonyjfb,

Doing some research, I find that this problem can be caused due to some failure with an obsolete or unsupported driver (kext file). Justin Silver create a post about this regard on his blog: fixed/

Basically, you just need to move all the .kext files within the folder Extensions into another directory to attempt to reboot the system. To do it that, you will need to boot into Recovery Mode. There you can open Terminal in Utilities menu. Then follow the next commands to mount the filesystem as read write, navigate to /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Library/Extensions, create a new folder and move all the kext files into it, to finally reboot. Note that if you have renamed your hard drive into something other than “Macintosh HD”, you will need to use that name instead.

mount -rw /

cd /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD/Library/Extensions/

mkdir Unsupported

mv *.kext Unsupported


At the end of the post, Justin leaves an script that will help you to search for any kext file on the system that aren’t part of the “default” files installed by Apple. If they are found, they will move into a new directory so that they will not be loaded when you reboot your system.

I really hope this information helps you antonyjfb, remember that you can always contact Apple Support to receive a better advice.


28/05/2017 10:26 AM

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28/05/2017 01:13 PM en respuesta a Maus En respuesta a Maus

Hey thanks for taking the time to answer my question by unfortunately I already did that and it didn't work. But after another start up in verbose mode I managed to get pass the pci pause: sdxc. After a lot of messages which I don't understand there is this one that repeats a little bit often. "IO80211 Interface: :updateReport _peerManager is missing"

28/05/2017 01:13 PM

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28/05/2017 04:22 PM en respuesta a antonyjfb En respuesta a antonyjfb

I'm sorry to know that it didn't work for you antonyjfb. Did you also try to boot your iMac in single-user mode to run the command /sbin/fsck -fy ? I have the feeling that this could be a problem of hardware with the HDD or Fusion Drive if your iMac use it.

28/05/2017 04:22 PM

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Pregunta: Mac won't startup even after complete restore