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Pergunta: Video app storing permanently rented movie on iPad

Hi. I have come accross na issue which I believe some users have also experienced. Here is what I found:

Video app storing permanently rented movie on iPad ios 11.0.3.

I have downloaded a rented movie from iTunes Store. After watching it, it disappeared from the list of available movies to watch in the Video app. So far so good.

The problem starts when you realize that, in your iPad storage info, the movie is not deleted. The storage is filled with the movie even though it has already disappeared from your watching list. Thus, it takes storage space and you can´t delete as you no longer have access to it.

The way around that worked for me was: I have deleted the Video app through the Storage Management, which deleted the app and all related content. Later I reinstalled the Video app. Done! Storage cleared.

Definetely not a reasonable way to get rid of rented movie content in your iPad. Apple, please fix it!!

Best regard

iPad 2, iOS 11.0.3

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Pergunta: Video app storing permanently rented movie on iPad