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Pergunta: How to get my iCloud photos back on my phone

I recently disabled iCloud integration with my phone because I was not satisfied with having to download photos and videos every time I needed to access it.

But in the process, some 500 pics were deleted from my phone - I don't know why, I have plenty of free space.

Anyway, the pictures are still on iCloud. I can access it on the webpage, and I even downloaded them to my computer.

Now, how do I get them back on my iPhone? I tried enabling iCloud Photo Library again but it didn't work.

iPhone 6

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1/02/2018 09:32 em resposta a DaveGrohl666 Em resposta a DaveGrohl666

I'm sorry, that link doesn't help at all. There is nothing there that says how I can transfer photos from iCloud to my iPhone.

It only says that I can do that with iTunes as a regular "synch" process, which is NOT the same thing at all. If I just download a lot of pics from a directory on my computer, it will not seamlessly merge with my current phone library, there will be a lot of duplication and confusion.

What I need is for my iPhone to download the pics from iCloud in a way that they are placed where they were before, and not in other albums creating a mess.

1/02/2018 09:32

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1/02/2018 09:40 em resposta a DaveGrohl666 Em resposta a DaveGrohl666

Ok, thanks. That just proves that iCloud Photo Library is an incredibly badly designed product. It deletes photos without warning and offers no option to resync what it has deleted.

1/02/2018 09:40

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Pergunta: How to get my iCloud photos back on my phone