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Pergunta: How to get my iCloud photos back on my phone

I recently disabled iCloud integration with my phone because I was not satisfied with having to download photos and videos every time I needed to access it.

But in the process, some 500 pics were deleted from my phone - I don't know why, I have plenty of free space.

Anyway, the pictures are still on iCloud. I can access it on the webpage, and I even downloaded them to my computer.

Now, how do I get them back on my iPhone? I tried enabling iCloud Photo Library again but it didn't work.

iPhone 6

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1/02/2018 09:32 em resposta a DaveGrohl666

I'm sorry, that link doesn't help at all. There is nothing there that says how I can transfer photos from iCloud to my iPhone.

It only says that I can do that with iTunes as a regular "synch" process, which is NOT the same thing at all. If I just download a lot of pics from a directory on my computer, it will not seamlessly merge with my current phone library, there will be a lot of duplication and confusion.

What I need is for my iPhone to download the pics from iCloud in a way that they are placed where they were before, and not in other albums creating a mess.

1/02/2018 09:32

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Pergunta: How to get my iCloud photos back on my phone