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Frage: Upgrade Error Catalina (-69808)


Im trying to install Mac OSX Catalina from OSX 10.14.6 (18G103) on a MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2018, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports).

After the first reboot OSX Catalina installation stops with the following Error (german):

"macOS konnte auf deinem Computer nicht installiert werden

Einige Informationen waren beim internen Nachschlagen nicht verfügbar.: (-69808)

Beende das Installationsprogramm, um deinen Computer neu zu starten und es erneut zu versuchen."

I tried to install it from USB and I deactivated all UEFI security things like secure boot etc.

Same error.

MacBook Pro Retina

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08. Okt. 2019 15:46 als Antwort auf licks Als Antwort auf licks

I installed Catalina and then, after it was installed I have been asked if I want to transfer data from another mac or from a TimeMachine Backup. I choosed the TimeMachine.

It restored all data but not my installed apps. So Im installing everything right now... :/

08. Okt. 2019 15:46

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09. Okt. 2019 05:28 als Antwort auf zitlo Als Antwort auf zitlo

For those who are suffering from the error "Some information was unavailable during an internal lookup: (-69808).

I had the same issue, MacBook Pro 13" 2018, 256GB model when updating form MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 Build 18G103 to MacOS Catalina Build 19A583. And I found out the workaround and let me provide it to you guys.

First of all, please execute “diskutil apfs list" on terminal and check if there are any negative figures (size in byte), "-69808" in every single disk volume. If you find it,  I 'm assuming it would result in the error. Actually I had "-69808" in "VM" volume.

The workaround is to format your SSD/Hard drive as physical disk format with APFS, naming such as "Macintosh HD", not to format "Macintosh HD", a logical disk volume. (Before that, please make sure to take backup!! ). It makes the entire disk formatted and Catalina installer will automatically recreate necessary disk volumes, not only the volume with "-69808" but also other volumes. I hope it will lead you to succeed in installing Catalina to your Mac. (I succeeded in installing indeed.)

Yesterday I reported the issue to Apple Support and told them the workaround. I hope Apple will address the issue.

It would be appreciated if my workaround would help you resolving the issue you're faced with!

09. Okt. 2019 05:28

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09. Okt. 2019 17:19 als Antwort auf orsino Als Antwort auf orsino

Hey orsino,

thanks for your explanation. Still I’d like to ask you, if you could specify one of your comments a little bit closer:

„format your SSD/Hard drive as physical disk format with APFS, naming such as ‚Macintosh HD’, not to format ‚Macintosh HD‘, a logical disk volume“

How exactly would I do that?

Best regards,


09. Okt. 2019 17:19

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09. Okt. 2019 18:40 als Antwort auf licks Als Antwort auf licks

Okay, I found it. And it works for me as well. That seems to be it.

For everyone (like me) not directly understanding orsino’s suggestion, this is how it worked for me:

  1. Do a backup (using Time Machine)!
  2. Shut down and start Mac in Internet recovery mode (Option, Command + R)
  3. Go to Disk Utility
  4. Select “View” (top left) and “Show All devices”
  5. Select the hard drive above “Macintosh HD” (it should be called a physical disk)
  6. Erase the s*** out of it using APFS, GUID partition map and a name like “Macintosh HD”

Good luck with your update.

09. Okt. 2019 18:40

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Frage: Upgrade Error Catalina (-69808)